Indian flag in Penguin SuperSilk brand

Outdoor Flags

It’s big on performance. Better in function.

Outdoor national flags of all countries displayed at a golf course
Artisan finely cuts out the excess fabric from the appliqué embroidered flags

Finely crafted appliqué & embroidery.

Perfectly opulent.

Never before has this degree of intricacy and finish been applied to a flag. Take our appliqué & embroidered sewn flags for instance. The design of the artwork(s) is perfectly hand traced onto the fabric, and then sewn to the background. Intricate designs are superbly embroidered on the fabric. Duplicates of the design are then finely cut & sewn to the rear of the flag. The result: Beautiful hand sewn flags that maybe viewed from both sides. They are made with a level of precision that you’d probably expect from a designer dress – not a flag.
Automatic disperse screen-printing for the large Mumbai Indians flag

Superfine screen print.

It’s not just faster, it’s just right.

Screen-printing is the most traditional method of flag making. Our superior-quality dyestuff is applied onto the fine screens & then squeezed out onto the fabric, which vividly penetrates through the material giving vibrant colours on both sides. It’s the ideal method for volume production. But our ability to accommodate artworks of any size, numerous colours, and the flexibility with which we built our machines to efficiently operate semi-automatic or fully automatic as necessary – is what makes it the perfect solution.
Screen printed EndureTex knitted polyester flags

Printing isn't everything.

Endurance is the key.

When you think about displaying your flag outdoors, what you would consider most is its durability. Hence, instead of starting with the print, we started with the textile & the yarns. Our team of textile designers re-imagined the magnitude & impact of the environment that a flag is expected to endure; this gave birth to our radical range of warp-knitted polyester EndureTex fabrics.
Tailor sews the Indian national outdoor flag with double-lock stitching

Double-lock stitch.

Ultra-strong nylon sleeve.

When we envisioned our outdoor flags, we landed on a remarkably durable, yet ideally suitable finish. We could have taken the easy way out and created something more reasonable and less remarkable. But we didn’t. If a component was missing, we re-imagined it to be implemented. If convention was standing in the way, we left it behind. The result: Our revolutionary quality outdoor flags that are perfectly double-lock stitched on all sides and the side sleeve reinforced with super-strong nylon.
Flag fixture options like eyelets, hooks, rope or toggle and hollow seam

Many ways to flag off.

With or without strings attached.

Our conventional and advanced flag fixture options, make displaying or hoisting our outdoor flags easy & fun. Whether you want a hollow seam to insert into a rod/pole, a rope with / without a toggle, eyelets / grommets or even durable plastic hooks. We've got them all. And yes, for free!
Flags collage of various countries

All new National Flags.

We’ve got the whole world covered.

With our outdoor flags, the world is at your fingertips. Choose any country flag of your choice, from any of the sizes we have available – i.e. 2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 4.5ft, 4ft x 6ft etc. Shop our range of outdoor flags now. Still not what you’re looking for? You can even tell us the size you need and it shall be made. It’s that simple!
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