Indian flag in Penguin SuperSilk brand

Miniature Flags

Manufactured with ultimate precision. And lots of love...

Miniature Table Flags of different countries assorted together
Penguin Super Silk screen printed miniature flags

Brilliantly Printed.

It’s OK to stare.

There’s richness & sharpness. Then there’s richness & sharpness on a whole new level. Our miniature flags are now available in our revolutionary quality Penguin Super Silk, which is printed from the finest silk screens to give absolute print accuracy. But when you hold it in your hands and feel it – that’s when you’ll know how unbelievably beautiful they are.
Beautiful miniature flags that are seamless and laser-cut on all sides

Laser Cut


What makes our miniature flags unique is how precisely & neatly they are laser-cut on all sides to prevent the fabric from fraying. And did we mention that they all slide into their tailored staff seamlessly?
UV-resistant miniature table flags that also have fast colours

Colour Fastness.

UV Resistant.

There’s a reason why our flags are so incredibly rich and vibrant. It’s because we utilize the most supreme quality, environmentally friendly dyestuff. So you see saturated colour that still lets the luster of the fabric shine through. Which gives you a fabric that shows off the colour, and a colour that shows off the fabric. And to top it off, they are UV resistant, so the colours don’t fade away in the sunlight.
Single, Criss-cross and Group Miniature Table Flags

Single, Twosome, Threesome.

Moresome is awesome.

There’s miniature flags available for just about anything. Whether you need a stand-alone table flag or perhaps greet foreign delegates with their respective country flags in collaboration with your own. Better yet, you could even have your own customized logo/brand flag with your beloved country flag(s). We have them all! Shop our collection of Single Flags, Criss-Cross Flags & Group Flags.
Moulded-plastic base/stands for miniature flags, with or without gold/chrome-plating


New body, same soul.

It’s easy as ever to change, swap or replace your miniature flags from one stand to another. Or from one staff (pole) to another. It’s totally upto you. We have options suitable for every budget. From the basic, yet classy moulded-plastic sets with or without metallized plating, to the acrylic, stainless steel, brass or 18-carat gold plated base/stands. There’s something for everybody. Shop our collection of Single Flags, Criss-Cross Flags & Group Flags.
A collection of miniature table flags in various sizes - 2

All-new Dimensions.

Completely re-imagined from the size up.

Our goal was to provide as many size options as possible. That’s because one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. And also because miniature flags aren’t always used solely for the table/desk. Different applications require varied sizes. The result is our breakthrough range of miniature flags available in sizes 2” x 3”, 3” x 4.5”, 4” x 6”, 6” x 9”, 8” x 12” & more… They look unlike any flag you’ve ever seen. They feel unlike any flag you’ve ever felt.
Flags of the world on a globe

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

We’ve got the whole world covered.

With our miniature flags, the world is at your fingertips. Choose any country flag of your choice, from the many sizes that we have available – Shop our range of miniature flags now. Still not the size you’re looking for? You can even tell us the size you need. It’s that simple!
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