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Our History

A whole lot has changed since we first flagged off...

Timeline and history of The Flag Corp

Mr. Prashant Shah, a Bombay-born entrepreneur, after moving out from his ancestral property at the Sindh Cloth market in Bombay, desires to have a good quality Indian flag on his table at his first & newly renovated Kalbadevi office. But he is deeply-disturbed to learn that there are no quality flag makers in India, more-so in Bombay as the city was known to be the manchester of the textile industry. To add fuel-to-fire, he discovers that the good quality Indian flags that he had noticed at his friends homes & offices were not from India, but were imported. Having years of experience in the business of textiles & plastics, he dreams to have an establishment that not only sells Indian flags, but flags of all countries.

Prashant Shah researches on flag printing and vexillology in the year 1995

With endless research done & many sleepless nights, flag manufacturing finally begins. Only to soon learn that the majority of flags printed were all ‘rejects’ & ‘no good.’ Flag making wasn’t as easy as it had seemed after all! No wonder there weren’t any flag makers in India! But not willing to give-up easily, Prashant goes deeper into the world of vexillology, printing & fabrics!

The Flag Shop logo, created in the year 1996

The Flag Shop is finally born. We are the 1st & only manufacturers of high quality flags in India. Our Kalbadevi office in Bombay had 5 employees.

The Flag Shop exhibits it's collection of flags and flag accessories at the Giftex Trade Fair, Nehru Centre, Mumbai in 1998

Prashant Shah laments lack of awareness for quality flags in India. The Flag Shop remains a recreational/part-time business venture as it records disappointing annual sale of only ₹35,000 ($760.00).

We launch our very first domain on the web In addition, we do our best to promote flags through various trade fairs.

The Flag Shop provides flags during ex US President, Bill Clinton's visit to India

All the flags for US President Bill Clinton’s visit to India is proudly fostered by The Flag Shop.

The Flag Shop introduces it's revolutionary range of car window flags

The Flag Shop relocates to Laxmi Mill Estate, Mahalaxmi, Bombay.

We introduce our latest range of car window flags & larger outdoor flags.

The Flag Shop manufactures outdoor national flags of all countries in numerous sizes

We make available our newest range of outdoor national flags of all countries in sizes 12” x 18”, 2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 4.5ft & 4f x 6ft. They are made by appliqué & embroidery / hand sewn.

Miniature flag stands/bases in moulded-plastic, acrylic, gold/chrome-plating

The Flag Shop launches new miniature flag bases in acrylic, stainless steel & brass, for single flags, cross flags & group flags.

The future finally begins to look bright & we seriously become a full-fledged flag manufacturing enterprise.

Prashant Shah meets Mrs. and Mr. Naveen Jindal to promote the use of our national flags in India

We meet Mr. Naveen Jindal, founder of the Flag Foundation of India, who has been our mentor all along, to radically improvise on a common cause that we both strongly believed in - To motivate Indians to fly the Tiranga, especially our youth.

The National Youth Award is awarded to The Flag Shop.

We are presented the National Youth Award by the National Youth Project. A decade in the business, we manage to successfully sell a little over 75,000 flags. Get press coverage from various newspapers & channels over the years.

Gyan Shah, owner of The Flag Corp, joins the flag manufacturing business after graduating.

The 2nd generation of The Shah Family, Mr. Gyan Shah, takes interest in The Flag Shop, hoping to extend it's legacy to a new pinnacle.

The Flag Corp logo, and our new website is launched along with making flags for the IPL.

The Flag Corporation, a division of The Flag Shop is introduced to the world for exports. Our website is completely revamped with our revolutionary range of quality flags & accessories. We acquire &

The IPL is the highlight of the year, opening up a new avenue of sports flags & hand flags in India amongst thousands of cricket fans.

The world’s largest South African flag of size 60ft x 90ft is proudly manufactured by us. This flag is made exclusively for the annual South African Tattoo 2008 at Montecasino, Johannesburg. Click here to view details.

To top it off, we are presented the Bhartiya Udyog Ratna Award. We throw a party!

Giant Monumental Flags are introduced by The Flag Shop. We also launch aerial flags and aerial advertising in India.

It’s time to get more professional. We acquire a domain exclusive to professionals - In addition, we also acquire

We become India’s only giant flag maker, making the world’s largest flag of India - 48ft x 72ft. Mr. Naveen Jindal gives us the Largest Indian Flag Appreciation Award on behalf of his foundation.

Aerial advertising is successfully launched in India for the 1st time with the Volkswagen Beetle aerial flag of size 80ft x 120ft flown across Bombay & New Delhi.

The Flag Shop is featured in the Wall Street Journal print-edition and online. We also provide flags for US President Barack Obama's visit to India.

The Wall Street Journal, USA features Mr. Naveen Jindal & The Flag Shop in their international print edition & online for our exemplary efforts in promoting the giant monumental flags. Click here to view the article.

We jointly work with the US Consulate & Secret Service, in providing all the USA & Indian flags (table, car & floor pedestals) during US President Barack Obama’s November visit to India.

The Flag Corp provides flags for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in India as well as the AFC Asian Cup, Qatar 2011.

It’s the year of sporting events. We provide flags for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011, ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, DLF IPL, Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix & the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

We win many prestigious awards. It’s time to celebrate!

The Flag Corp launches it's new and revolutionary online shopping website.

The Flag Shop becomes India’s only store that sells exquisite quality flags & accessories online with the easiest payment options.

Opened new marketing & liaison offices in Dubai & New York.

Having two decades of experience in the flag industry, there is yet a lot more for us to explore & a lot to soar further! Stay tuned to know what’s cookin’ at The Flag Shop.

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